June 9, 2020

I recently read Can we stop telling the ‘corona kids’ how little they are learning? (published in the Washington Post). After many weeks of immersing myself in texts sharing methods for virtual learning and models for reopening, I appreciated the message of the author’s words. Valerie Strauss asks readers to rethink the language we use and labels we are putting on young people. She reminds us of t...

June 21, 2017

It’s June. At least here in the Northeast, it has been a more mild spring and we haven’t had too many days of sweltering heat in our classrooms. However, even though the steamy start to summer seems late in coming, classrooms everywhere are already bustling with the nonstop hustle inherent in the last weeks of school. Fieldtrips, assemblies, picnics, orientations, summer birthday parties, end-of-y...

How do we get our students to continue to take risks that really matter?

We are born curious. We ask questions. We explore possibilities. We are undeniably interested in all that surrounds us. As we dive deeper into our school year, it is our responsibility to continue creating opportunities for students so that they are able to access that thrill of wonder. We want to build a space where students...

This post was written by consultants Laura Sarsten and Pam Koutrakos.

Have you ever wished you could bottle up that initial start-of-the-year energy we all feel? Many of us instinctively know that some of the most memorable classroom moments are witnessing students beginning to discover who they are as learners: this is tremendously powerful!  Although we can’t keep recreating the first day of...

This post is written by teachers Laura Sarsten and Pam Koutrakos.

We celebrate to lift one another, ourselves, and our work to places we did not know we could go. Significant or small, celebrating the journey along with our students allows everyone to slow down, reflect, honor, and simply acknowledge our efforts. We realized that once we began developing a more mindful presence, our celebrations to...

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