October 23, 2017

“Your mind will create thoughts with or without permission.

It can be your master or your servant. Awareness offers you the opportunity to make the choice.”- Thomas M. Sterner

I vividly remember sitting next to my fifth graders after a long school vacation, enthusiastically talking up the new genre of reading we were about to embark on. I had built up excitement for the exploration ahead (at least I...

December 9, 2016

“The important thing is to not stop questioning:

curiosity has its own reason for existing.”

-Albert Einstein

I am an optimist... possibly an eternal optimist.  I have a tendency to focus on the positive- even when it is particularly challenging.  This is why research that shows students ask significantly fewer questions once they enter formal schooling is particularly upsetting for me.  One of my hi...

This post was written by consultants Laura Sarsten and Pam Koutrakos.

Have you ever wished you could bottle up that initial start-of-the-year energy we all feel? Many of us instinctively know that some of the most memorable classroom moments are witnessing students beginning to discover who they are as learners: this is tremendously powerful!  Although we can’t keep recreating the first day of...

This post is written by teachers Laura Sarsten and Pam Koutrakos

Many of us can relate to the often rushed, multi-tasking whirlwind of teaching. For some of us, the idea of being present may seem mysterious, elusive, or even luxurious.  A sense of peace and full commitment to “the moment” might feel far away from our current classroom routine.  However, we believe that being fully present in our pr...

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