December 8, 2017

In part two of my post Two Magic Words: What Else?, I’ll share some ways I ask students the “what else?” question in order to cultivate openness and deep thinking. This approach works with learners of all ages and even in your personal life.

Here are a few examples of times I regularly ask students, “What else?” in order to stir up critical thinking and decision making:

When students create projects...

December 5, 2017

Flashback to the year 2000: As a starting teacher, the principal met with me almost every week. . . for a full hour. Her questions always got at what I did, why I did it, and how it went. And then after a pause, she’d kindly look me and ask, “What else could you have done?” This follow-up question intimidated the heck out of me at first, and I imagine my responses initially were halting half-sente...

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