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A Guide to Supporting Readers at Home

My long time friend Kerrie Larosa is a parent coach who helps families in many aspects of parenting. We teamed up a few years ago to create several resources for teachers to share with parents when it comes to home literacy. In this post we share the gradual release of responsibility model in very simple terms with ideas for what this might look like at home. You can find the handout for parents here. Instead of overwhelming families with dozens of strategies and worksheets these easy-to-implement reading practices can help children continue to read and love to read even with this major school disruption.

Don't forget to encourage and remind children to find a cozy reading nook at home where they can focus. My toddler seems to find a new one each day in my home.

And share selfies of yourself reading at home so students can be inspired by seeing where their teacher is reading. Maybe they will share a photo back.

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