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Helping students in grades 3–5 become strong, independent readers requires thoughtful planning, active listening, accurate tracking, and personalized follow up.


But, many teachers don’t have the time, the tools, or the experience to plan effective conferring conversations that will allow them to assess students’ individual independent reading development and help them become stronger, joyful readers.

With the Teacher’s Toolkit for Independent Reading, teachers will have everything they need to prepare, model, track, and manage effective, student-centered conferring sessions with confidence.

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Pamela Koutrakos offers tools and ready-to-go resources to help teachers put the inquiry-based structures, lessons, and routines from her first book, Word Study That Sticks, into action. Let students take charge of their learning while you gain time for differentiated instruction, and make word study fun for students!

Gravity Goldberg’s Teach Like Yourself helps you be the biggest, boldest, and most powerful version of your teacher self. It reminds you why you became a teacher and coaches you to bring your unique gifts and talents into the classroom.

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In Word Study That Sticks, teacher and literacy consultant Pamela Koutrakos provides a step-by-step approach that makes word learning jubilant and fun – and encourages students to take ownership of word learning.

When it comes to teaching reading, Gravity Goldberg declares there is a structure, one that works with your current curriculum, to help readers take charge. Consider Mindsets & Moves your guide. Order Mindsets & Moves today at the pubilsher's discounted rate.

When it comes to teaching reading, Gravity Goldberg declares there is a structure, one that works with your current curriculum, to help readers take charge.
Consider Mindsets & Moves your guide. Order today at the publisher's discounted rate.

With What Do I Teach Readers Tomorrow? Fiction, you learn to trust your instincts and trust your students to provide you with information about the next steps.


Teaching students to engage with and understand fiction becomes personal, purposeful, and a homegrown process that you can replicate.

“Well, that was a great minilesson—now what?” For every teacher who has uttered those words, this book is for you.


Gravity Goldberg and Renee Houser offer this moment-to-moment guide focused on the decisions that make the biggest impact on readers’ skill development. 

Conferring with Readers

shows you how to confer well and demonstrates why a few moments with students every week can put them on the path to becoming more

independent readers.


Order Conferring with Readers at the publisher's discounted rate.

Get both versions of What Do I Teach Readers Tomorrow?


These books will help guide you to support your students in both fiction and nonfiction units of study.

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