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We are a team of educators who offer professional development in literacy, leadership, and teaching methodologies. Our approach brings together research-based ways of supporting educators to provide a cohesive and thorough model of adult learning. We do not just put on a show and then leave you to figure out how to make your new learning work. Our model of support is about building a working relationship that can support you through the successes and challenges of real, meaningful change.

All of our professional development includes customized support. We create a format for your school’s unique goals. In some places we offer a two to three day intensive focus by offering all three supports across a few days in a row. In other places we spread out these offerings across a month or longer, giving teachers time to implement and practice. We work with the administrators and teachers in a building to create the plan that works best for them.

Gravity shares what partnering with Gravity Goldberg LLC is all about.

Curriculum Development


  • customized curriculum documents that align with standards, assessments, and your specific students in mind

  • consultant works with you to determine the scope and format along with the process for creation

Curriculum Development
On-Site Customized Professional Development


Literacy Supports

  • workshops

  • demonstrations

  • co-planning and teaching

  • classroom coaching

  • learning cycles based on each school or district’s needs and goals

  • needs assessments

  • on-going communication between sessions

  • multi-day residency

Meeting the Needs of All Literacy Learners

  • modifications for students with special needs

  • co-teaching methods

  • supporting language learners in literacy classrooms

On-Site Customized Professional Development
Leadership & Literacy Coaching


Literacy Coaching Co-Op

(for literacy coaches and leaders)

  • best practices on supporting adult learners

  • methods of coaching teachers

  • planning workshops

  • strategies for modeling lessons

  • setting up coaching cycles

Mentoring Coaches

  • shadowing a consultant in schools

  • coaching planning sessions

  • co-coaching sessions in your school

  • coaching study groups

Literacy Leaders Meet-Ups

  • quarterly free meetings

  • current topics are presented and discussed

  • hosted at one of our partner schools

Leadership & Literacy Coaching

Consortium Workshops


  • full day courses for k-12 educators led by our consultants (see full listing of topics here)

  • courses include theory, practical tips, and lesson ideas

  • special events with authors

  • afternoon study groups for leaders

  • Boces Literacy Workshops (see your local Boces catalog)

Consortium Workshops
Parent Events


  • evening or morning workshops for parents

  • topics are based on your district’s needs

  • led by our consultants and Parent Coach, Kerrie Larosa

Parent Events
Using Best Practices for Math Instruction


  • infuse research-driven workshop philosophies into mathematics instruction that transforms classrooms into environments where students examine, interpret, and think critically about math concepts 

  • learn methods to incorporate explicit demonstration, meaningful practice, and targeted individual and small group instruction

  • strategize ways to invite students to grow their mathematical thinking and develop positive, productive problem-solving mindsets

  • bring joy into mathematics instruction

Using Best Practices for Math Instruction
Inquiry In the Content Areas


  • transfer literacy and critical thinking skills into content areas

  • explore ways students can keep track and reflect on mental acts

  • develop an awareness of the stages of informational discovery

  • establish habits that support and value authentic collaboration

  • develop ways to create a culture of thinking in their classrooms by embedding thinking routines and active exploration

Inquiry in the Content Areas


  • after school workshops for teachers and leaders on mindfulness

  • professional development sessions on mindfulness practices

  • faculty meeting experiences and workshops


"Gravity Goldberg captures the supreme art of a teacher and professional mentor; she demonstrates, inspires and awakens our heart to learning. What sets Gravity apart from other professional development providers is her knowledge base, competency with delivery and passion for her work. It is rare that we find a professional developer who has the ability to instantly implement a teaching strategy to an unknown audience yet truly adhere to the principles of balanced literacy. She is among an elite few blessed with the talent, skills and interpersonal relationships to facilitate teacher and student engagement, active learning and achieve tangible results. Students and teachers embrace her balanced literacy approach which instills originality, creativity, intellectual rigor, collaboration, persuasive ability and leadership. Indeed, students and teachers become agile writers, readers and leaders as they continue to grow under her aegis."

—Dr. Ted Kozlik, Former Assistant Superintendent, Westfield Schools

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