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Combatting Aliteracy: Mentoring Today’s Students to Become Tomorrow’s Avid Readers (2022)

Developing Empathetic Thinking (2022)

Teacher as Decision-Maker vs. Teacher as Curriculum Implementer (2020)

Deliberate Practice Makes the Reader (2019)

Teacher's Corner Podcast with Gravity Goldberg and Renée Houser (2019)

Conferring Confidence Comes from Preparation (2019)


Are You a Tour Guide Teacher or Co-Explorer (June 2017)

Diving in with Ownership (May 2017)

4 Tips to Avoid the Sunday Planning Blues (March 2017)

A Less-Is-More Approach to Assessing Readers (March 2017)

5 Mindset Lessons to Be Our Best Selves (January 2017)

Focusing on Happiness in the New Year (January 2017)

Examining and Changing Our Reading Habits (November 2016)

Fall Milestones: Setting Up the Year with Reading Independence In Mind  (September 2016)


Create a Community of Risk-Taking Readers (August 2016)

Make Student Voice Your First Step In Reading Instruction (June 2016)

The One-Step Process for Creating More Reading Independence (May 2016)

3 Steps for Supporting a Growth Mindset in Readers (April 2016)


Be a Mentor: Coach Students Deeper Into Reading (December 2015)

Be a Model: Show Students New Ways of Reading (December 2015)

Be a Mirror: Give Readers Feedback That Fosters a Growth Mindset (December 2015)

Be a Miner: Uncover How Students Read (December 2015)

Students Develop Grit by 'Taking Charge of Their Own Learning' (October 2015)


Taking On New Teacher Roles: the 4 M’s (October 2015)

How to Make Truly Independent Readers (September 2015)

An Argument Everyone Wins: Shared Learning Unites Teachers Across Schools and Grade Levels (April 2015, JSD)

Shape Literacy Coaching Through an Asset Lens (February 2015)

The Power of We (co-written with Leone, D, Flood, J., Goldberg, G., Greatrex, C., & Klein, J., (The Teaching Professor, 2013).

Readers Who Keep Us Up at Night: Moving Away From Deficit Beliefs  and Into Positive Action. (Heinemann Digital Campus, 2013).


Living Work: Mindfulness and Memoir in a Middle School Classroom (English Record, Fall 2012)

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