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Our Partner Schools

We are very proud of our many schools partners. Each day we have the priviledge of supporting some of the very best teachers and districts in the country. When we work with schools we take time to build strong relationships and become true partners.
There are a variety of qualities we have come to see in our partner schools. They look to have their staff and students take on a spirit of risk-taking. There is a norm of regular collaboration and support between all members of the faculty and administration. We also see the success of teacher autonomy in these schools; with our support, teachers continue to trust their decision making processes in support of their students. We also see student directed education as a core value; teachers and administrators are well supported and able to allow students to explore and grow.

"What sets Gravity apart from other professional development providers is her knowledge base, competency with delivery and passion for her work."


-Dr. Ted Kozlik

Former Assistant Superintendent, Westfield Schools

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