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On Being a Miner, a Mirror, a Model, and a Mentor

It’s exciting to see students taking on roles that show a high level of ownership and independence. These readers have a confidence in their reading work; they make decisions and take risks that help them grow. One of the greatest shifts that allows this to happen has to do with the roles we teachers take on. While the teachers in these classrooms still assess, give feedback, demonstrate, and coach; the way they do so is slightly different. As I became aware of this shift in processes in classrooms it brought me to write about them in my book, Mindsets & Moves: Strategies That Help Readers Take Charge. These four roles are ways to approach students with the goal of supporting independence and ownership.

The four M’s, as I call them, are a fresh look at how to assess, give feedback, demonstrate, and coach. Each of these strategies are used by some of the most successful reading teachers. The student response to more responsibility and independence has been exciting and somewhat freeing. It relieves a level of stress that can sometimes come when struggling with reading instruction and doing so much of the work for students.

Over the past month I highlighted these 4 M’s, each one in a blog post shared through the International Literacy Association blog, which are linked below. The specifics and details of implementing this work, along with the images and classroom stories, can be found in my book, Mindsets & Moves.

Learn more about each of the 4 M’s by clicking below.

As a Miner we uncover how students read.

Being a Mirror means we give feedback that fosters a growth mindset.

As we Model we show students new ways of reading.

When we Mentor we coach students into deeper reading.

In addition, we are offering a presentation tool to introduce the 4 M’s to your colleagues. The slideshow linked below will assist you in leading a session highlighting the strategies. We also included a presentation guide to help with facilitation. Use it as it would best fit you and your school’s needs. Be sure to let us know if you are finding these resources useful. Our goal is to support you in supporting your students!

To help with facilitation, the Presentation Guide is linked here.

Wishing you a happy new year of reading success for you and your students.

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