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The Journey of Two Friends and Two Books

We’ve been friends since 2004 and in that time we completed several marathons together, too many triathlons to count, two full distance Ironman races, and now… two books. We are beyond thrilled to announce the publication of a two-book series titled What Do I Teach Readers Tomorrow? with a fiction and nonfiction volume. The journey from idea to draft to publication has been a long one… actually our longest event yet.

The actual start of this book is debatable. Was it during that twenty mile run around Manhattan a decade ago? Was it mile 140 of our first Ironman race in 2010? Was it over chai latte’s during a road trip? We decided to give you a peek into our journey with a photo montage of some of the highlights.

Where can you buy the books?

They are available at all booksellers now as a pre-order.

A few useful links:

We will be sharing many, many resources from the book and beyond on a new website that will launch in early 2017. More to come soon.

Happy Holidays!

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