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  • Patty McGee

Simple Pleasures

When winter folds upon us, I often approach the season with trepidation and a plan to hunker down until the warm weather thaws both the earth and my winter-cynical heart. This year I have chosen to embrace what the Danish call Hygge (HUE-guh), which is enjoying the cold-weather simple pleasures of cozy family, warmth, and contentment. And so, this year, I resolve to...

  • Breathe in the fresh cold air of winter, letting it redden my cheeks and refresh my soul

  • Drive with the radio turned off every once in awhile to let my mind meander

  • Organize my shoes (they are driving my husband nuts), and then buy a few more pairs that make me feel comforted both at home and out and about

  • Sleep

  • Write more: specifically, write more from the cozy place inside me to share the simple pleasures of contentment

​No, these resolutions are not ones that resemble a whiplash of change, but rather ones that nurture my soul, the work I love, and those I hold dear.

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