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The Gift of Happiness

As our team gathered at the end of 2019 we took time to reflect upon the work we do to support teachers. We realized that while literacy practices are our main focus we also want to offer every leader, teacher, and student we meet the gift of happiness. We believe wholeheartedly that joy is at the core of every successful learning experience. Inspired by the Greater Good Science Center at Berkley, we created a happiness practices calendar for you as our new year gift. The idea is to support you in cultivating even more joy in your lives.

To access a larger, printable version of this calendar click on the image below.

We hope you smile and laugh a whole lot in 2020. If you are interested in learning more about joy and literacy check out our friend Katie Cunningham's new book Start with Joy.

We'd love to hear about your 2020 joy-filled experiences. Tweet at us at @drgravitygLLC.

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