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  • Laura Sarsten

Allowing Space for Reflection: Seizing Opportunities to Learn, Grow, and Change

"What made you happy today?”

“What do you want to learn?”

“Who will you reach out and connect with?”

“What do you want out of today?”

“How do you want to feel?”

Switching our mindsets to questions that will move us in positive directions greatly impacts the outcomes of our days. We have a true opportunity during this time for transformation. It may seem challenging during the day-to-day grind of at home learning, juggling childcare, and struggling to get healthy meals on the table, but through hardship there is space for growth. In fact, we all often crave some sort of balance, however, what we perceive balance to be, isn’t actually balance at all. There is no light without dark, no successes without mistakes, no joy without hardships. We have been given an opportunity to change our perspective and be better people for our students, our families, our friends and communities, but we have to choose to see it in that way.

I know these past few weeks have been quite a whirlwind for my family and I, making several adjustments, new schedules, not seeing family members, however, I recently incorporated some simple reflective practices into our daily routine that can allow us to harness the power of gratitude and gratefulness.

I realized the other day the need for reflection, especially in times that are stretching and pulling at our patience, hope, and well-being. Yes, there are many uncertainties, but I am a firm believer that this experience will result in some good. Sometimes we want answers quicker than they can be delivered, but we can take this as a chance to live with things the way they are, find small pockets of joy, and practice happiness. We can not only make this time as something we just “get through”, but turn it into a true chance to learn, grow, change and improve who we are.

I wish you all more pause than fast forward!

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