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Build Reading Stamina with Rivet

We know that the amount of time children spend reading has a huge impact. Reading stamina helps support vocabulary development, comprehension, content knowledge, and the joy of getting lost in books. This is why I consulted with a team at google to help them develop Rivet. This application is filled with thousands of books that students in elementary grades can read independently and is designed to increase reading stamina, volume, and engagement.

Rivet has books organized by reading levels but does not limit students to just a few levels. Readers decide which levels they want to have access to. It can be totally open and allow readers to browse every level or narrow the focus to just a few.

Rivet is organized by category just like classroom libraries. It also resembles Netflix so children browse in ways that make it feel familiar and very easy to use.

Rivet keeps track of the amount of time a child reads each day and encourages more reading minutes.

Rivet keeps track of the number of days the child reads and helps them celebrate reading streaks. (Also, the animal with the AB/CD shirt dances to celebrate and it is silly in just the right way.)

Rivet encourages readers to rate books so that it can make recommendations for future books they might want to read. It uses emojis which makes it fun and accessible for all readers.

Rivet recommends books to the reader based on previously read and well-rated books. This helps readers want to read "one more book" just like we adults tend to binge-watch one more show.

Rivet has all sort of supports to help readers learning English. Some content words are highlighted and when the reader clicks or taps it reads the word to them. Books are often in a series to build background knowledge on a topic. Parents can choose to have Rivet listen to the child read and highlight words missed to support accuracy and fluency.

Rivet has brand new books from YouTube stars. I must admit, this gave me pause at first. But now I see how much it engages readers and helps the most reluctant get going. I might not choose the YouTube books myself, but I am not really the audience for this application- student readers are. The feedback has been strong that many children love this feature.

Rivet does not have ads, worksheets, tests, or filler. It is just about reading!

While there is no substitute for holding a paper book in one's hands, during a time when it is challenging to get new books regularly and to continue to engage readers Rivet is a remarkable resource.

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