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  • Pam Koutrakos

Revising What Self-Care Looks Like and Means to Me

On March 19th, Making MY Plan: Self-Care During School Closings was posted. I knew that my educating and caregiving instincts were kicking into high gear and I needed to think beyond “one day at a time” and actively strategize ways to sustain efforts and energy long-term. I created “my plan” as a way to nourish myself- even amidst all that was happening.

In school, we often talk about setting realistic reach goals, reflecting often, and celebrating all along the way. And yet, I have not walked the walk. I have not looked back at my original plan. Since we are now about six weeks in and have about six weeks to go (at least here in the northeast), it makes sense to do so now.



After taking those few moments to reflect, I decided that I do not want to up the ante. What I originally sought out is not necessarily what I want or need now. As I look ahead, I find myself simplifying my hopes and streamlining my goals.


I know the adage about a goal without a plan being a wish. And so, I have my own action plans for each of the above— simple things like closing bedroom doors, partaking in some binge-watching of comedies, reaching out to childhood friends, getting more creative in methods of connecting with students, and sharing my writing schedule with my family. I also notice that whereas my original plan was created to help me gear up, the present plan is designed to help me step back. Wherever you are at today, I wish you health, peace, and joy in the days ahead.

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